Charity for 2019/20

Pelican Cancer Foundation

Basingstoke, Hampshire

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About Pelican Cancer Foundation


Pelican Cancer Foundation is the only charity that supports precision surgery for below the belt cancers such as Bowel, Liver, Prostate and Bladder cancers.  It supports the surgery by funding ground breaking research, analysing the results and then put together training programs for surgical teams up and down the country to make sure that patients that have to go through surgery get the best and most up to date care available.


Pelican has been helping patients for over 25 years and has trained thousands of surgical team members and revolutionised the way these cancers have been identified and treated, saving the lives of countless thousands over the years.  However there is so much still to do.  Pelican Cancer Foundation is determined to continue to make gains in the way patients are operated on until cancer is no longer a disease that kill or affect people’s lives.


How does mental health affect Pelican?


Patients that have had big operations for Cancer are very susceptible to post traumatic stress syndrome as they recover from what they have gone through. This in turn can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety as well as emotional exhaustion.  If these operations can become more streamline and effective, using better operational techniques for example key whole or robotic surgery then the toll on the body will diminish as will the need for excessive scaring and shorter recovery times, this in turn will have a positive effect on the mental state of the patients having to recover from the procedures.  Pelican Cancer Foundation is at the forefront of pioneering and perfecting these techniques.


How can The World Doodle Day help Pelican Cancer Foundation?


There are two areas of need in regards to Pelican.  The first is the due to the fact that we are not patient facing.  In other words we train the people to meet and work on the patients.  Therefore we don’t get an opportunity to introduce ourselves and the work that we do.  Therefore there is a real lack of knowledge with in the public and patient community as to who we are and what we do.  Therefore we are often not the first port of call when it comes to patients fundraising and support.  


The first need therefore is to be introduced to the public and patients.  We have produced a number of videos and are in the process of arranging a number of public events where we can display what we do but any help in this area from the World Doodle Day and the team would be most beneficial to us.


The second is in the region of general fundraising.  The more funds we get, the more we can do.  We are a small team in simple offices in Basingstoke yet we make a massive difference to thousands of patients across the country on a small budget with very limited amount of funds. Therefore we do not have a large wage bill of a large property portfolio to finance so the money given will be used effectively and sown into helping patients.

Please get involved and help us support this wonderful charity.