Take a break and Doodle!

World Doodle Day event

Join us on WDD to connect, collaborate, be creative and support our nominated charity 'Pelican Cancer Foundation.

Doodle Break

15 minute Doodle break.

Businesses, make a pledge that on Friday 11th October you'll take a 15 minute break and doodle. Stop. A Doodle Do!

Doodle Grid

Interactive Doodle Grid  See here for more details 








Doodle Mile

Complete a segment of the Doodle Mile.

Share your doodles and stories of how doodling has made a difference.


Doodle Pad

Have a WDD pad on your desk for mini creative breaks, capturing thoughts, ideas instantly and to show your boss it is aiding your concentration!


Help support our nominated Charity Pelican Cancer Foundation

To be involved in this years project:




ineractive grid sample_edited.jpg