Are You in Your Right Mind?

There once was a girl who doodled, she doodled a lot, she doodled on scraps of paper, on clothes and on herself. She doodled on walls, and when she got told off for that she became more secretive, drawing on the underside of tables and backs of furniture.

Being part of a dysfunctional family, doodling helped with her mental health although she didn’t understand it at the time.

Later on in life working in the mental health sector she met other people who doodled and drew

and she was able to help them understand how doodling, drawing and being creative could help their mental health.

But then we all have issues, the idea that anyone has it totally together is just a myth. The thing that separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls is self awareness!

Do you accept, celebrate and process your dysfunctions or do you stumble along and deny it all.

Moving on I realised that people in business were also getting stressed and anxious, however hard they tried to cover it up, it called for some action.

Businesses were proving a tougher nut to crack but with all that creative potential lurking around many a corner it was time to introduce the power of doodling to the working world.

Doodling can lead to ah ha moments,

It helps you concentrate,

It can help you form habits,

It transports you from focused left brain thinking into the imaginative realms of the right brain,

and used as a visual language it can help with memory.

It can also be done interactively and this year we are promoting our interactive doodle cards

If you work with a group of people and would like one to share please let me know.

There once was a girl who doodled a lot that was me.

However I didn’t doodle for many years as developing as an artist, a sculptor, I felt I should be able to draw and I felt my drawing was shaky and I felt insipid.

Then I discovered that sometimes the very thing we are passionate about and want to help other people with is the thing we have most difficulty with ourselves. Taking a taste of your own medicine is very powerful. I now doodle most days and although i don’t always want to share them I am realising the benefits again and hope through the World Doodle Project to inspire others to do the same.

Doodling has many benefits, its not just doodling, but a resource to be more yourself…

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