Keep Doodling, to become a habit!

How many days does it take to form a habit? If you said 21 you are not wrong as some will form a habit in that time but the real answer is it is pertinent to the habit being formed. Doodling is a habit that can be formed quite easily, it doesnt need many materials, it is not expensive, can be done anywhere at anytime and it has many benefits.. Keep a pen and doodle pad on your desk, in your bag and bedside table and get doodling.

To help you form your doodling habit, join me in the doodle challenge and do 1 doodle a day between now and World Doodle Day on the 12th October. Share it with #worlddoodleday to go in to the doodle draw and win a £50 hobby craft voucher.

Here is Doodle 2 in the run up to World Doodle Day

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