What is Creativity?

Creativity, a word used in most peoples vocabulary, yet can we say what it means and realise its benefits..?


What is Creativity..?

Creativity is the ability to turn new and imagintive ideas into reality. It is about revealing patterns previously unseen. 

Creativity is about connecting the seemingly unconnectable.

Is Creativity for the select few..?

Creativity is not a trait that only certain individuals have. it is a myth that it is only for the likes of Mozart and Piccaso. Everyone has the potential for creativity, it is how you access that potential that counts.

Can Creativity be learnt..?

Yes. Anyone who wants to develop their creative potential can.

It involves coming out of your comfort zone and taking risks. 

Creativity is more than coming up with lots of ideas it is about being able to action those intial concepts. It is about using the right brain to generate the ideas and the left brain to implement them.

A good place to start is to observe others, question everything and experiment with your own ideas and inspirations.