Why Doodle?

Doodling for Fun
 Doodling for Concentration
   Doodling for Stress

With the modern hi-tech lifestyle that we lead, the Doodle could become an endangered species... Join WDD in saving Doodles...


As doodling is done at a subconcious level it holds valuable insight into your personality, your creative preferences and purposes. It is fun and can be done anywhere!!


Research shows that doodling can stimulate new ideas and help us stay focused. 


Recent studies have also shown that team members who doodle during a meeting actually retain the information more than those who do not.


Doodling to process emotions

Emerging studies show that art expression may help individuals reconnect thinking and feeling. While journaling is a great way to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings, you can get even better results if you add doodles to your journal entries. After all, doodles can help you to recognize and express your emotions.

Doodling to Centre Yourself
Doodle eye png.png

Doodling to be in the here and now

Doodling can help you focus at times when your mind may wander.

Doodling for Creative Growth


Let your mind wander as

you put pen to paper for

some creative free time.  




Doodling for Creative Space 


Doodling is a basic component of creativity, a gentle introduction into the creative arena. Doodling gives you a simple creative outlet. Exploring your inner creative potential is empowering and it is also very rewarding when it is done collaboratively. 

Doodling can be calming, help centre your mind, and take away stressors of the day.

It is very therapeutic for good mental health.

Taking 5 minutes with pencil and paper (or pen and card, chalk and pavement...) will help to calm the mind. It can even help during a stressful day, to help focus the mind on a project or situation.

     Doodling for Learning

Focused thinking, is when you’re concentrating on the information that you’re trying to learn, or understand. Diffused thinking, is a more relaxed thinking state, allowing the brain some rest. It promotes subconscious incubation of ideas and information.

After a while of focusing intently on a subject that you’re trying to learn, sit back with a pen and paper and relax your mind–that is, enter the diffused mode of thinking–by doodling. You’ll learn better.

Doodling for Productivity

Doodling enhance access to the creative, problem-solving, and subconscious parts of the brain, while allowing the conscious mind to keep working.

Doodling unifies three major learning modes: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.